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General instructions for cable trunking installations

Standard SFS 6000 is followed in cable trunking installations in Finland. In other countries, local regulations and standards must be followed.

INSTAL® cable trunkings are designed for the installation of electrical, telecommunication and data cables as well as related mounting boxes and sockets.

IP rating 41. Closed with a cover, Instal® is also suitable for humid conditions (installation according to installation instructions).

Cables, mounting boxes and sockets must be in accordance with relevant installation regulations and standards.

Wires and cables are installed inside cable trunkings. Mounting boxes and sockets are installed on the trunking´s opening. After installation, the cable trunking will be closed using the system´s covers. Depending on the situation, other things can be installed in cable trunkings. For example, pipes and other components related to building service technology. Installation of other than electrical construction products requires confirmation and approval from the manufacturer or seller of the products.

INSTAL® Cable Trunking System Installation and Operation Manual (pdf) »


Technical information

Rated Voltage 230/400 V
IP rating 41 (when covers on place)


  • Aluminium parts: extruded aluminium
  • Plastic parts: injection molded plastic
  • Steel parts: galvanized sheet steel
  • Painted products: Powder coated (electrostatic powder coating)
    Standard color white RAL9010
  • Anodized products: natural anodized color (EN 000)


  • FI (Finland) certificate
    S (Sweden) certificate
    N (Norway) certificate
    D (Denmark) certificate
    CE marking
  • Requirements of the Standard EN 50085-2-1 are being met
  • Requirements of the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) are being met
  • Requirements of the RoHS directive (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) are being met

Compatible sockets and mounting boxes

Most of the mounting boxes and sockets available on the markets can be installed on INSTAL® cable trunkings.

When installing traditional recessed sockets to Instal® cable trunkings, a separate mounting box Basic MB is required.


Quick to install sockets such as ABB ProDuct series´ sockets do not require separate mounting box.

NB! Sockets´ compatibility to cable trunkings and Basic MB must be ensured.

Socket and mounting box compatibility to Instal® and Inform systems (pdf) »

Cable trunking cover installation

Cable trunking covers lock in place when pressed on the fixture opening.

Joint installation

Joints are installed to grooves inside cable trunking base and locked by included screws. Two joints are required to form a joint.

Corner piece installation

Cable trunking base is pushed inside the corner piece, after which it can be extended with another cable trunking base from the other side of the corner piece.

End plate installation

End plates are installed by pressing them on the cable trunking.

Cable shelf installation

Cable shelves are installed by locking them to the cable trunking base’s groove as shown in the image.

Cable shelf installation

Cable shelves are installed by locking them to the cable trunking base’s groove as shown in the image.

Wall bracket installation

The cable trunking base is suspended on the wall bracket’s hooks from the grooves in cable trunking base

Wall bracket sizes

There are five different sizes of wall brackets. Cable trunking can be installed 20-125mm from the wall depending on the selected bracket size.

Adjusting piece installation

Adjusting piece is installed to the wall bracket as shown in the image. Adjusting range 0-24mm.

Decorative rib installation

Decorative ribs are installed to the wall bracket as shown in the image. Decorative ribs are used to close the gap between the cable trunking and wall.

Trunking collar installation

Trunking collars are installed in the joints of a horizontal and a vertical cable trunking.

Sound isolation piece installation

Sound isolation pieces are installed inside the cable trunking under the cover.

Earthing coupler installation

The earthing coupler is installed to the groove inside the cable trunking base and fastened with the included screw.

Wall collar

Wall collars are used when the cable trunking needs to pass through a wall, for example.

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