General Information Page on the Benefits of MEKA's BIM

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is revolutionizing the construction industry by enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and minimizing environmental impact. This page provides an overview of the numerous benefits of BIM, details about Meka Pro’s Revit Plug-in, Aveva E3D, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Benefits of BIM

  1. Reduce Costs
    BIM helps reduce costs by ensuring that the right amount of materials is ordered at the right time for the construction site. This precision minimizes waste and prevents the expense associated with over-ordering or project delays.

  2. Decrease Carbon Footprint
    By purchasing the correct number of products, BIM reduces emissions caused by logistics. This environmentally conscious approach contributes to a lower carbon footprint for construction projects.

  3. Accurate Parts List and Detailed Images
    BIM allows for the creation of an accurate parts list and detailed images in advance. These tools support precise quotation calculations and help in project planning and budgeting.

  4. Collision Detection
    One of the significant advantages of BIM is its ability to perform collision detection. This process identifies potential clashes in the design phase, reducing the risk of costly changes and delays during construction.

  5. Digital Twin Creation
    Utilizing 3D models, BIM makes creating a digital twin of the project easier. This digital replica can be used for monitoring and managing the building throughout its lifecycle.

Revit Plug-in Briefing

Meka Pro’s Revit Plug-in enhances the design process with several valuable features:

  1. Convenient Modeling and Automated Support Placing
    The Revit Plug-in allows for simultaneous modeling and support, accelerating the design process and improving efficiency.

  2. Precise, Tailored BOM
    Creating a precise, tailored Bill of Materials (BOM) for the project is quick and easy with the Revit Plug-in. This ensures that all necessary components are accounted for accurately.

  3. Parametric Assemblies
    The plug-in includes over 5500 parametric assemblies of Meka products, providing extensive options for various design needs.

  4. Free Usage
    The Revit Plug-in is available free of charge, offering high-quality tools without additional costs.

  5. Design Automation
    The plug-in enhances design work by automating various stages of the design, reducing manual input and potential errors.

  6. Efficient Collision Checking
    Thanks to accurate 3D models, collision checking is easy and fast, helping to avoid conflicts in the design phase.

  7. Feature Video
    A video showcasing the features of the Revit Plug-in is available, providing a visual guide to its capabilities.

Aveva E3D Briefing

Aveva E3D offers comprehensive support for accurate and efficient design processes:

  1. Extensive Product Library
    Aveva’s library includes the most commonly used products in the industry and several support options, ensuring that designers have access to necessary components.

  2. Accurate BOM Creation
    The models available in Aveva E3D help create an accurate BOM for quotation calculations, aiding in precise project planning.

  3. Facilitated Collision Checking
    Accurate 3D models in Aveva E3D facilitate collision checking, reducing the need for repeated collision corrections and ensuring a smoother design process.

  4. Feature Video
    A video demonstrating the features of Aveva E3D is available, offering an overview of its functionalities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I find Meka’s 2D or 3D models?

You can obtain Meka’s 2D or 3D models by contacting technical support at

The Revit plug-in add-on is available by contacting technical support at

Currently, the three latest versions of Revit are supported. 

The use and download of the Revit plug-in are free of charge.

An example method for finding Meka Pro’s Aveva E3D models can be found in the video showcasing the features. If the models cannot be found this way, ensure you have installed the latest version of the software.

This page provides comprehensive information on the benefits of BIM and detailed briefings on Meka Pro’s Revit Plug-in and Aveva E3D, along with answers to common questions, ensuring that you have all the information needed to enhance your construction project. 

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